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Hi LJ'ers

Although not visible in most of my user pics, I'm a wearer of glasses, and have been so for about 12 years now...

I'm slightly myopic, meaning that I'm able to function without binocular assistance, but I tend to get a headache if I'm without glasses for a longer period of time...

Some say, and this includes Ulrik, that I simply do not have that "shopping gene/urge" that most gays seem to be blessed with... I don't get a kick out of browsing through the aisles... I'd rather just go in, get what I need, and get out again...
But one place I really dislike shopping at is the optician.... Getting the eyesight checked is OK, but having to choose between myriads of frames is so exhausting... Of course, some frames can be dismissed immediately - but for the rest of the lot, it's a whole different game

All frames adds something new, and in my humble opinion, something intrinsicly foreign to your appearance... And having to decide what that new thing should be is not something that I find easy...

And why do I share these little tidbits, you might ask? ...

Well - It so happens to be that my glasses by accident fell onto my mother-in-law's tiled bathroom floor earlier today -- and although I've dropped them many times before, this surface proved to be their end...

Now - this pair of glasses have been with me for almost 11 years and were, to say the least, quite worn... Ulrik had also been pestering me about getting some new ones for quite a while, but for the reasons explained above, I've been putting that off ...

Not anymore, I'm afraid...

So I hope that some time during next week, I'm able to get an appointment at an optician for a scan (as my strength most likely have changed during the years)

And then also re-live the horror that is to choose new glasses... ;-(

Les lunettes sont morts, Vive les lunettes!
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