Aug. 29th, 2010

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I'm currently in London on a much needed vacation and yesterday I attended the ever popular XXL party.

I went there with some guys I met earlier at Kings Arms and whilst we were having a beer, I saw this amazing, stocky fur ball of a man... He was short, tight, with big firm belly and ass... And he kept checking me out as much as I kept checking him out.
After a short pause, overcoming my inherent shyness, I went over and introduced myself... He was a bloke from Glasgow with thick, almost incomprehensible, Scottish accent, only in town for this party, and made a point out being "off the grid" - as in "no profiles, no facebook, no email, no nothing."
He preferred that strangers met without anyone having the advantage of knowing the other person's likes, dislikes and kinks beforehand... A viewpoint I actually find very charming, albeit a bit impractical...
He did however flag a red hanky in left pocket (fisting) and that was his way of showing his preferences.
Long story short, while we both thought the other one to be very handsome, there was no spark - and after some light conversation I returned to my previous companions.

Then one of the guys also noticed the red hanky and commented that wearing them was "sooo 80'ies" - he even had to have another friend explain him the meaning of the colour and placement...
Meanwhile he apparently hadn't noticed that I was sporting some as well (grey and hunters green, both right) and I began wondering if he had a point... I don't see many people flagging colours - whether by hankie, armbands or piping - any more .... only exception is people into fisting and the occasional yellow stripes on rubber gear....

So my questions are these: is flagging colours passé ... And am I in vain when wearing mine?
Anybody here flagging colours - and if so, care to share which ones?


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