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Sep. 14th, 2010 05:07 pm
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IMAG0351, originally uploaded by sskroeder.

It seems that almost my entire LJ Friends list have chosen to participate in this meme... Here's my contribution...

Preemtive excuse: I didn't have time to take a picture at work, when I noticed the meme, so this is taken after I got home...
It'll probably invalidate the meme, I guess --- If so: here's a picture of me *LOL*

--[ The Rules ]---------------
When you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state. No changing your clothes, or putting on makeup. NO Photoshop. Show your friends list the real you.

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OK!... I'll admit it.. I still have a profile on that Bear profile website... You know - the one dictated by "A Bear Named Sue"...

I got a mail from the site today, titled "EUROWOOF.COM Profile Recall" !

Yikes, I thought but continued to read the mail itself,

Hello Søren!

I contact you because you didn't check your messages sent to your profile on EUROWOOF.COM for more than a week. We miss you. I join your login informations again and I hope to see you online very soon :

My Profile Name : bearhugx
My Password : [my password in cleartext] (so last century!)

If you have a personal web site thank you to support EUROWOOF.COM

EUROWOOF.COM profile gallery is updated every day. So please, visit often.

Big Hugs!

Greg, webmaster. http://www.EUROWOOF.COM
I did visit the site last weekend, so I wondered what message that had been stored there for more than a week, that I hadn't noticed...
Apparently somebody wrote a "Grrr!" in my guest book on Dec 8th (which is 4 days ago) - and that was apparently the message that Greg wanted me to remember...

Basically I'm not there very often, and I've been thinking about removing the profile all together... But - what site would you guys then recommend I use?...


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