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I've been actively working to maintain a positive attitude towards life... Been thinking about spiritual concepts like Karmic Wheel/"What you give is what you get" lately... I've made an effort to be more proactive at work - be more overbearing when others make (what i percieve to be) mistakes....
And in some sense, I'm slowly starting to believe that you in some sense can reap rewards by just taking a more positive stance on life.... A few observations:

I've got a interesting job - got some nice colleagues and I very often get positive and affirmative comments from the things I do...
My department chief and the chief consultant has just commented independantly that they find me more skilled as head-honcho for the subsystem, than the guy currently holding that position (my intermediate boss), although I'm very new and he's been in the company for years. She (the dept. cheif)  would review the situation in the coming months - but this may be a way to a better position and/or salary...

Edwards just endorsed Obama...

To top that off, I've just been invited by Mozilla Corporation, to partake in the 2008 Firefox Summit in Whistler, B.C. Canada -- All expenses paid!
So I'll be making my first trip outside of Europe in the last week of July...

How can I feel but blessed...
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My my my... a lot of things have happened since my last posting and I'm happy to say that "it's all good!" ;-D

First and foremost - I now hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (yay!) and following that I had a job interview on Wednesday. Today I got a letter saying that they'd like to hire me as of October 1st (double yay!) - Employment contract signed, sealed and in the mail ;-D

Meanwhile, after completing the bachelor, I've also had 10 days of holiday in Berlin, Germany with the hubby. Berlin is an amazing city - very vibrant and yet also very down-to-Earth.
Partially by coincidence, it was the same weekend as the Spreebären (one of the local bear clubs) held their Bearopolis 2007 weekend -- and also the weekend where Folsom Europe 2007 took place in Berlin ... A very exciting weekend...

And of course, I, alongside 20 other bears and admirers, participated in our national Pride Parade on August 25th, where I (of course) sported the overalls I got hold of with help from wonderful fellow LJ bear [personal profile] furrbear. (I even appeared in a photo series about the Pride in Politiken, one of the major Danish newspapers - or at least my backside did :-D )


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