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My my my... a lot of things have happened since my last posting and I'm happy to say that "it's all good!" ;-D

First and foremost - I now hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (yay!) and following that I had a job interview on Wednesday. Today I got a letter saying that they'd like to hire me as of October 1st (double yay!) - Employment contract signed, sealed and in the mail ;-D

Meanwhile, after completing the bachelor, I've also had 10 days of holiday in Berlin, Germany with the hubby. Berlin is an amazing city - very vibrant and yet also very down-to-Earth.
Partially by coincidence, it was the same weekend as the Spreebären (one of the local bear clubs) held their Bearopolis 2007 weekend -- and also the weekend where Folsom Europe 2007 took place in Berlin ... A very exciting weekend...

And of course, I, alongside 20 other bears and admirers, participated in our national Pride Parade on August 25th, where I (of course) sported the overalls I got hold of with help from wonderful fellow LJ bear [personal profile] furrbear. (I even appeared in a photo series about the Pride in Politiken, one of the major Danish newspapers - or at least my backside did :-D )
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Here's a little update
  • I've finished the last Harry Potter... It's really good - and a well done conclusion of the HP saga...
  • I got my overalls for Copenhagen Pride (August 25th) thanks to [ profile] furrbear ;-D. I had some pictures done, which can be seen behind the cut )
  • I've started the last course i need to complete my bachelor in Computer Science - It's a summer course called Robots and Dynamic Agents Interface Design - 3 weeks of building robots and learning about aspects about Human-Machine interaction. My team's first task was to build a robot to push bricks off a surface (to get acquainted with the Lego Mindstorms hardware) - You can see a picture of our robot here )

Oh - and by the way - my cold seem to have gone - no coughing for days now


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