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I was on Facebook the other day where I stumbled upon pictures from my twin brother and his girlfriend's recent trip to New York, and out of the blue I was experiencing a deep profound pride in and love for him.

We've always been on good terms but we're clearly different people...

Physically, he's tall and slender, while I'm shorter and stockier (fatter, if you ask some)... Fur-wise, he wouldn't fall into any bear-type classification. He's always been very extrovert and physical, while I'm more introvert-ish and bookish...

For many years, he had jobs that didn't need an education (although he later had training to become a polymer technician), while I've did the scholarly thing and got myself a degree in Computer Science at the University...

By the time we were 7 or 8, I was already understanding the English programmes on TV and found solace in reading novels and encyclopedias - he was struggleing even to read Danish (it turned out that he had a dyslexic disabillity, but that was not discovered for some years)... In fact, at night, before going to bed, I'd read the speech bubbles from Donald Duck comics for him...
Yet he has always been good at setting goals for himself and following through on these, even if he had to work twice as hard as the competition.  A quality, I've always admirered (even envied)...

In short, I am emensely proud of him, his accomplishments and the almost care-free way he lives his life...
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With a nice bear interpreting...

And did I mention that I also find sign language like in this video sexy?
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My my my... a lot of things have happened since my last posting and I'm happy to say that "it's all good!" ;-D

First and foremost - I now hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (yay!) and following that I had a job interview on Wednesday. Today I got a letter saying that they'd like to hire me as of October 1st (double yay!) - Employment contract signed, sealed and in the mail ;-D

Meanwhile, after completing the bachelor, I've also had 10 days of holiday in Berlin, Germany with the hubby. Berlin is an amazing city - very vibrant and yet also very down-to-Earth.
Partially by coincidence, it was the same weekend as the Spreebären (one of the local bear clubs) held their Bearopolis 2007 weekend -- and also the weekend where Folsom Europe 2007 took place in Berlin ... A very exciting weekend...

And of course, I, alongside 20 other bears and admirers, participated in our national Pride Parade on August 25th, where I (of course) sported the overalls I got hold of with help from wonderful fellow LJ bear [personal profile] furrbear. (I even appeared in a photo series about the Pride in Politiken, one of the major Danish newspapers - or at least my backside did :-D )


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