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I'm currently in London on a much needed vacation and yesterday I attended the ever popular XXL party.

I went there with some guys I met earlier at Kings Arms and whilst we were having a beer, I saw this amazing, stocky fur ball of a man... He was short, tight, with big firm belly and ass... And he kept checking me out as much as I kept checking him out.
After a short pause, overcoming my inherent shyness, I went over and introduced myself... He was a bloke from Glasgow with thick, almost incomprehensible, Scottish accent, only in town for this party, and made a point out being "off the grid" - as in "no profiles, no facebook, no email, no nothing."
He preferred that strangers met without anyone having the advantage of knowing the other person's likes, dislikes and kinks beforehand... A viewpoint I actually find very charming, albeit a bit impractical...
He did however flag a red hanky in left pocket (fisting) and that was his way of showing his preferences.
Long story short, while we both thought the other one to be very handsome, there was no spark - and after some light conversation I returned to my previous companions.

Then one of the guys also noticed the red hanky and commented that wearing them was "sooo 80'ies" - he even had to have another friend explain him the meaning of the colour and placement...
Meanwhile he apparently hadn't noticed that I was sporting some as well (grey and hunters green, both right) and I began wondering if he had a point... I don't see many people flagging colours - whether by hankie, armbands or piping - any more .... only exception is people into fisting and the occasional yellow stripes on rubber gear....

So my questions are these: is flagging colours passé ... And am I in vain when wearing mine?
Anybody here flagging colours - and if so, care to share which ones?
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Hi LJ'ers...

The great folks at Mozilla has invited me back to participate in the 2010 Mozilla Summit, which will be held in Whistler, BC from July 6th to July 10th, and like last time I'll be arriving a couple of days before in order to re-experience the sights, sounds and gentle folk of Vancouver.

I expect to be arriving in Vancouver in the afternoon on Friday, July 2nd and leave Vancouver for Whistler on the 6th.

Anyone wanna meet up / have suggestions as to what to see ;-D

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The skies are grey outside - has been so for the last few days. Only consolation is the weatherman's promise of a dry and sunny weekend...
On Monday, the foul weather returns -- just in time for me to return to work... ;-//

Regarding Flickr
I've removed a lot of uninteresting pictures on Flickr - I had a lot of  "Oh look! - It's a mountain" pictures from my bus trip back to Vancouver earlier this month, these have now been removed, and I'm putting a bit more effort in moderating what goes up there...
Also - I've noticed that some of my co-workers have discovered my account, so I've decided to restrict pictures of a sexual nature to "friends-only" -- E.g. the latest photo session of me in nothing short of a harness (sort of) is now for friends only

...just saying ;-D

If I know you on LiveJournal and you aren't on my Flickr friends list, please let me know your Flickr user name -- or PM me an email address to send an invite ;-D

And for all Firefox 3.0+ users
Check out Mozilla Ubiquity (link fixed) and make sure to see the intro video... It's still in the works - but really cool none the less ...
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...don't know, when I'll be back again...

I'm sitting in the international departure hall of Vancouver Airport... Leaving Canada and Vancouver behind is hard - especially since i don't know when I'll be back again....

The people I've met in the past 10 days have been nothing short of spectacular... One guy in particular, Barry aka.[profile] fatherbear here on LJ, was instrumental in making this the best trip I've had in a very long time...
I'm blessed to have gotten to know him....

I'm gonna be back though... That's for sure ....  but right now, it's an emotional departure for me....

TTFN -- the flight is boarding ;-D
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This is a Public Cub Service Announcement

Hi gang...

In two weeks I'll be making my first trip outside Europe. I'm heading off to Whistler, BC, Canada to participate in the Mozilla 2008 Firefox Summit.
Although most of the trip will be focused on the summit, which is taking place on monday July 28th to friday August 1st, I will also be spending some time in Vancouver the weekends before and after...

More specifically, I'll be arriving in Vancouver on saturday July 26th @ 6:35 pm. (local time), heading up to Whistler monday morning, will partake in the summit, heading back to Vancouver friday (about 3 pm.) , and staying there until my plane leaves monday afternoon (@ 5:45 pm.)...

Now - I'm not familiar with anybody from Vancouver on my friends list - but chances are that some of you know a friendly bear or two in Vancouver, that might be interested in showing this cub the sights, sounds - great places to eat - or just being good company ;-D

So - If you know someone that maybe interested, please feel free to refer them to my blog...

Thanks in advance

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My my my... a lot of things have happened since my last posting and I'm happy to say that "it's all good!" ;-D

First and foremost - I now hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (yay!) and following that I had a job interview on Wednesday. Today I got a letter saying that they'd like to hire me as of October 1st (double yay!) - Employment contract signed, sealed and in the mail ;-D

Meanwhile, after completing the bachelor, I've also had 10 days of holiday in Berlin, Germany with the hubby. Berlin is an amazing city - very vibrant and yet also very down-to-Earth.
Partially by coincidence, it was the same weekend as the Spreebären (one of the local bear clubs) held their Bearopolis 2007 weekend -- and also the weekend where Folsom Europe 2007 took place in Berlin ... A very exciting weekend...

And of course, I, alongside 20 other bears and admirers, participated in our national Pride Parade on August 25th, where I (of course) sported the overalls I got hold of with help from wonderful fellow LJ bear [personal profile] furrbear. (I even appeared in a photo series about the Pride in Politiken, one of the major Danish newspapers - or at least my backside did :-D )


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