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September 18th was a good day - not just because of the wonderful weather or the fact that it was my 28th birthday.

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Funny that I should mention in my first posting the fear i had about not having enough time/energy to make postings to this blog --

Lo and behold - I haven't contributed in two whole months...

I think we're all due for an update... so here goes...

1) My Studies

My study grants was suspended in February - but some fellow students pointed me to the possibility for a loan (so called End-Term loan) which apparently can be granted for all people who are less than 12 months away from attaining their degree - so I've applied and was accepted for this loan for 6 months
The up side: I get to complete my bachelor
The down side: I get to pay that loan back, with interest.
Anyways I'm ok...

My Grid Scheduling project was accepted - and the exam in programming languages was also passed - so now I'm down to 22 ECTS - and I'm pretty sure to have all those earned by summer...

I have an exam in Algorithms and Complexity on Saturday, but I've  joined forces with a nice study group so I'm not that worried about this...

2) Lambda - the local GLBT association

At the AGM, I chose not to run for treasurer... but if I thought I'd be getting off easily, I was wrong!

I got elected on the board - but thereafter I was rooted to run for (and was elected) vice president ...
-- but at least I'm done pushing numbers (for now) - although in retrospect, it was kinda pleasurable...

3) The next Prog Rock-artiste??

One of my friends is a guitarist in a prog/pop band - and he's their main composer as well... He's not the best singer, though, as I've come to learn from some of his demos -- but some time ago he asked me if I could/would  help him with the vocal duties for some of his more prog-oriented compositions (his band is primarily pop-minded)
 -- That's going to be an interesting challenge... I've been a church singer for 9 years - but one thing is to sing hymns and motets - another thing is to do a Derek Shulman... It won't come to anything before the coming summer (see #1) but I'm very excited about this as well ;-D

Oh ... and by the way : Gentle Giant rocks! ;-D

ta ta for now


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