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The YouTubes are again a-buzzing here in Denmark...

Some guy from Viborg got his father and some of the other dads in the neighbourhood to partake in this remake of "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi...

It's been on the news and mentioned in several TV-shows already...

So ... Does this give you "Satisfaction" ? ;-D

(If you would like to see how they look sans baby oil, there's an interview here (in danish, of course) : )

Also - for reference - the original Benny Benassi Satisfaction video can be seen here:
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With a nice bear interpreting...

And did I mention that I also find sign language like in this video sexy?
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I would like to wish you all a

Merry Xmas

and a

Happy New Year

I know that I haven't been posting so often lately, but I plan to change that in the year to come....

For now I'll leave you with a  youtube video, I've just made -- Me singing/playing Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen by Praetorius -- one of my favorite hymns... Recorded at 1:30 AM on Christmas Night - which is why I try to sing as quietly as possible ;-D

Happy Holidays

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Hi there...

I know this is the class example of a shameless plug but - inspired by infamous YouTuber BostonBear and his art of Bearaoke - I've just uploaded two videos to YouTube of me singing... shirtless (yay).... and in bad light (damn you, cheap webcam!)

The songs are
  Miles Away by Winger
  Heartbeats by Jose González

For all interested parties, browse to - comment area is standing by to receive verdict....


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